Culture & Heritage

Malay Community

Majority of Melaka people's are Malays and they usually live in villages as tight knit communities.They speak Malay, practice Islam and bear Arabic names and are steeped with traditions.

Chinese Community

The second largest community is the Chinese. Synonymous with business and entrepreneurship, the Chinese are usually predominant in the cities. Despite passage of time and proress this race comprising of the various dialect groups such as Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew and Hainanese retain their legacies and still practice their various traditional festivities and religions rites.

India Community

The Indian community make up another important ethnic group Melaka. Deepavali is the main celebration of the Hindu Indians and Thaipusam being their religious event with several rituals including a procession from one temple to another.

Baba Nyonya Community

Melaka is also where the Babas and Nyonyas or Peranakans originate. They are descendants of the Chinese who arrived in Melaka and married locals. They retain many Chinese customs but Malay is their mother-tongue. They have adopted the Malay-style of dressing.

Portuguese Community

During the Portuguese rule, many of them choose to remain in Melaka and since 1920, preferred to live ni the Portuguese Settlement. They speak an ancient Portuguese Dialect called Cristo. They still practice their age old festivals and customs. Besides Christmas they also celebrate the San Pedro in commemoration of their patron saint - St Pedro - every 29th June and it is a very colourful affair. 

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